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Admissions Application


Student Namerequired
First Name
Last Name
Preferred Name (Nickname)
i.e Johnny or Liz
Upload Student Photo
Attach up to 1 file with a maximum size of 10MB
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Date of Birthrequired
Country of Birthrequired
State/Province of Birthrequired
City of Birthrequired
Country of Citizenshiprequired
Mailing Addressrequired
Zip Coderequired
Is the student's physical address different from the mailing address listed above?
i.e. If you use a P.O. Box for mailing purposes, please indicate the physical address here.


Applying for School Yearrequired
Current Graderequired
i.e. 8th Grade
Apply to Graderequired
i.e. 9th Grade
Enrolling Schoolrequired
Current Schoolrequired
School Addressrequired
Dates/Grades Attendedrequired


Student Primarily Lives Withrequired
Marital Statusrequired
Parent/Guardian 1
Prefix (optional)
First Name
Last Name
Is Parent/Guardian 1 the custodial parent?required
Does Parent/Guardian 1 live at the student's physical address (as noted above)?required
Home Phone
Cell Phonerequired
Email Addressrequired
Parent/Guardian 2
First Name
Last Name
Is Parent/Guardian 2 the custodial parent?
Does Parent/Guardian 2 live at the student's physical address (as noted above)?
Parent/Guardian 2 Home Phone
Parent/Guardian 2 Cell Phone
Parent/Guardian 2 Email Address
Are duplicate mailings required? Duplicate mailings will be sent to two households at your request.


How many school aged siblings does the student have?required
Grade 12 and below. College and beyond not required.
Sibling 1 First and Last Name
Sibling 1 Current Grade
Sibling 2 First and Last Name
Sibling 2 Current Grade
Sibling 3 First and Last Name
Sibling 3 Current Grade
Indicate any relatives who attended or graduated from the Academy. Please indicate graduation year.


Academic Interestsrequired
Describe your student's academic interests in a few words.required
Extracurricular Interestsrequired
Describe your student's extracurricular involvement - include years of participation and the name of the organization, team, or club.required
Upload any certificates, awards, artwork or other accolades that your student would like to share with us.
Attach up to 4 files with a maximum size of 20MB
No file chosen
The question above is about race, not ethnicity. No matter which answer you selected, continue and respond to the next question on ethnicity.
Is the student Hispanic/Latino? requiredA person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South/Central American or other Spanish culture or origin.
A person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South/Central American or other Spanish culture or origin.
Religious Affiliationrequired
Name of Place of Worship
Location of Place of Worship


Has the student had 9 or more absences in any given school year?required
Has the student been referred to an Intervention & Referral Services team to assist with any social, emotional, academic, or behavioral challenges?required
Has the student been recommended for a Child Study Team Evaluation?required
Does the student have a current 504 Service Plan or Individualized Education Plan (IEP)?required
Upload 504 or IEP
Attach up to 1 file with a maximum size of 10MB
No file chosen
Will you be applying for Financial Aid to help fund the cost of tuition?required
If you answered YES to any of the above questions, please use the space below to provide more information.
Please provide a brief parent statement on your reason(s) for wanting your child to attend the school.required
How did you hear about the school you are applying to?required


I affirm that the information provided is true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. If there are any special conditions which should be considered in reviewing the application, I will make those conditions known to the Office of Admissions either in writing or through the interview. Failure to make known any relevant conditions that could affect the student's full participation in the total education program of the Academy will be viewed as ground to re-evaluate the student's application and to amend or rescind any offer of admissions.required
Parent/Guardian Electronic Signature (The electronic signature and related fields below are the legal equivalent of my manual/handwritten signature).required
Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format