5 Tips for Writing a Strong Research Paper

5 Tips for Writing a Strong Research Paper


  • Brainstorm keywords and phrases. Once you have selected a topic, write down a list of keywords and phrases that will narrow down your search and hone-in on your resources.
  • Gain background knowledge. Use a variety of search engines and the recommended URLs to learn more about your topic. Never rely on your first and only resource.
  • Make a plan or outline. Based on your pre-reading, create a blueprint for your research paper that identifies the thesis and how you plan to develop and support that thesis.
  • Delve into the Databases. Utilize scholarly research in academic databases to support your ideas with primary sources. At Pope John, our students have access to dozens of databases, including EBSCOhost, ProQuest, & GALE.
  • Evaluate and organize your information. Not all the information you collect through your research should be used. Select those sources that pertain to and prove your thesis most accurately.


Now you are ready to write your paper. And, as always, don’t forget to cite your sources!


Mrs. Judith Zoeller

Biondo Research Center Director

Mrs. Zoeller has 45 years of experience in education & educational research, ranging from pre-school teacher to college professor. She has been a dedicated educator of young men and women in the Sparta community for 38 years and continues her stellar service in the Pope John community.

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