5 Reasons to Train in the Coach Paternostro Training Center

5 Reasons to Train in the Coach Paternostro Training Center

  1. Sports Performance.  At the college level, every sport from golf to football trains to get better.  There is a reason for that. At the high school level outside of New Jersey, it is quite common for athletes to meet with their coaches and to train during the school day.
  1. Reduce Injuries.  Strength training has been proven to reduce injuries. Since the Coach Paternostro Training Center opened in 2017, we have seen a 31% reduction of injuries for those who strength train during the school day compared to those who don't. 
  1. High School athletes have a young training age and thus a large capacity to improve. We measure vertical jumps before and after seasons and have seen an average increase of 1 inch and some as high as 4 inches improvement.  Teams that don't train will typically decrease after a long and grueling season.
  1. Exercise helps your cognitive function.  In a meta analysis of the research on physical fitness and academic performance in youth it appears there is an 80% positive correlation between the two. 
  1. Gluteus Maximus.  The gluteus muscles are the largest and most powerful muscles in the body and are largely responsible for activities such as sprinting and jumping.  We tend to focus a lot of our training on developing them.

Joe Lopez CSCS *D, RSCC

Health and Physical Education Department Chair 

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

@PJLionStrong Twitter and Instagram

Joe Lopez is the Health and Physical Education department chair and the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Pope John High School.  He also serves as the NJ State Director as well as a board member of the High School coach special interest group for the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  Joe has earned his CSCS,D* and RSCC with over 200 hours of continuing education in the last three year cycle.  

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