5 Tips for Writing a Meaningful College Essay

5 Tips for Writing a Meaningful College Essay:
1. Show who you are! Your goal should be to pop off that page like a hologram. The essay is akin to the interview; make a good first impression.

2. Reveal yourself through a story.
Don’t simply list the qualities that are already in your application.  Selecting the right story may take time, but it is the cornerstone of a great college essay.
3. Jump into the scene; don’t waste time building it. You have 650 words to convey your story. Try starting from the punch-line and working your way back.
4. Speak in your own voice through dialogue. Don’t try to be someone you are not. (https://firstmanuscript.com/format-dialogue/)
5. Read your work aloud. Be sure you have presented yourself as you intended and that your paper is edited to perfection.

Voila! And just like that you will have a polished college essay that will set you apart from the rest.

Susan Occhicone has been a dedicated educator for 33 years, focusing on reading skills, literacy and helping students find their writing voices. She has taught every grade from 5th through college, but she prefers the high school level and has found a home at Pope John for the last 13 years. Both of her children are Pope John graduates.

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