PJ Students create Chemistry puppets


Director of Communications

Pope John XXIII Regional High School


SPARTA — Pope John XXIII Regional High School students recently designed puppets or characters that represented a specific element found in the Periodic Table during their Chemistry class.

Under the direction of Pope John chemistry teacher Fabiana Lynch, each student had their puppet or character depict the physical properties, chemical properties and use of different elements. 

The 20 students created the following elements into puppets or characters:

Joseph Barnish - Neon

Henry Bysshe - Carbon

Jane Campbell - Titanium

Leah Catlyn - Nitrogen

Katelyn Clifford - Potassium

Matthew Compa - Sodium

Anthony Cuccio - Silver

Colin Diamond - Lithium

Summer Guerrini - Gold

Martin Heath - Calcium

Logan Koenig - Uranium

Sean Line - Platinum

Christopher Manco - Oxygen

Hudson Owens - Iron

Michael Panach - Chlorine

Jacob Panzarella - Mercury

Emilie Parrella - Hydrogen

Lily Sieradzki - Lead

Eric Vargas - Zinc

Samantha Vealey - Copper


This is one of many projects for students that Lynch says are directed toward “making a connection between Chemistry and life.” 

Lynch says the hope is that they will get an interest in Chemistry “because it is a science that they can relate with” in their everyday lives.



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