Letter from Monsignor McHugh regarding health forms, driving and dress code

Director of Communications
Pope John XXIII Regional High School

SPARTA — Pope John XXIII Regional High School president and principal Reverend Monsignor Kieran McHugh has announced a couple of items regarding health/physical forms, driving privileges and dress code for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year.

In regards to the health/physical forms, Father McHugh says there are an “outstanding” number of forms that have not been turned into the school. The deadline for parents and guardians to complete the packet and return it to Pope John is Aug. 1. If it is not turned into Pope John, students will not be allowed to attend classes until the forms are completed.

As for driving privileges, Father McHugh says seniors have until Aug. 15 to return their forms along with the fee of $600. After that date, driving privileges will be extended to the juniors.

Also, Father McHugh says all student drivers “must attend” a “Share the Keys” presentation in order to be able to drive to school. The next presentation will be Aug. 8 from 7-8 p.m. in the Old Gym. The student driver and one or both parent(s)/guardian(s) must be present for the presentation.

As for the dress code, Father McHugh says Flynn and O’Hara has extended shirt sizes and “there will be no excuse” for students "not being able to button the top button" of their shirts.

In addition, senior boys will be required to wear a PJ khaki and black socks, juniors will be required to wear grey paints and black socks, sophomores and freshmen will be required to wear navy paints and black socks, and eighth grade boys will have to wear grey paints and navy socks. As for girls, senior girls can wear khaki shorts and do not have to wear grey socks. However, junior girls will have to wear grey/navy plaid skirts, sophomores will have to wear a navy/white skirt, and freshmen and eighth grade girls will have to wear navy/white plaid skirts. All girls have to wear navy socks. Moreover, all students have to wear dress shoes.

For Father McHugh's announcement in full, click here.

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