Pope John now offers fashion/retail marketing course

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Pope John XXIII Regional High School

Editor’s Note: This is the second story in a seven-part series on Pope John’s new course offerings, which are exercise science, design thinking, principles of engineering and design technology, principles of entrepreneurship, fashion and retail marketing, sports and entertainment marketing, and introduction to guitar. To check out courses like this or any other of our dynamic educational offerings, come visit our Open House on April 29 at 3 p.m. or visit www.popejohn.org.

SPARTA — Fashion and retail marketing can be seen everywhere people go. 

Now, it can be seen in the classroom at Pope John XXIII Regional High School.

This year, Pope John implemented Fashion and Retail Marketing as part of its course curriculum.

“I love it,” Pope John senior Delanie Weber said of the course. “I want to major in fashion merchandising. I’m glad Pope John finally has this.”

The idea of having a fashion and retail marketing course at Pope John was introduced last year by Grace Halevy, a teacher in the Business department. Halevy, who graduated with a marketing degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology, saw that it was being taught more and more at the high school level and felt that it would be great for Pope John students to learn what it has to offer.

“I found that some other schools in the area had fashion classes and sports marketing, and I saw that this was a growing field in colleges,” Halevy said. “So I said that this would be new and exciting to teach to our kids.”

Once the course received approval from the school’s Academic Council, it was put into place for this year. So far, it has been a great course for the 25 students to experience.

The students have not only learned the basic principles of marketing, but have also explored the fashion industry through fashion history and evolution, the textile industry, color and design, fashion forecasting, wholesale markets, retail markets, branding, and distribution. They have done these things through group projects, presentations and discussions.

Weber, who has always had an interest in fashion, said she plans on using the lessons when she attends Marist College, where she plans to not only complete her undergraduate studies as a fashion merchandise major but also enroll in their new graduate program in that field.

“This class has inspired me to pursue further education in this field,” Weber said. “I want to eventually help with the runway shows and this is the first step to helping me get there.”

Fellow senior Chen Chen believes this course has helped him a lot in his pursuit of either an art or engineering career.

“I feel like marketing is needed everywhere,” Chen said. “You not only have to make a great product, but you have to know how to advertise it and sell it to the right people.”

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