What is the average class size?

At Pope John, we are committed to creating a small and focused learning environment for our students. The average class size for the 2019-2020 school year is 19 students per class and we boast an 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio. Our goal is to provide the level of support and motivation each student deserves while also allowing our faculty to develop curricula and assessments that foster a positive and meaningful learning experience.


Are AP Classes offered?


Yes, Pope John offers 24 AP courses. In addition to AP courses, Pope John has partnered with Seton Hall University through Project Acceleration to offer 4 college-credit courses on campus. Each course is taught by a Pope John faculty member and allows our students to earn up to 12 college credits. For more details, please review the following press release by clicking here.



How many students go on to college?


100% of our senior class achieves college matriculation.  The Pope John Class of 2018 earned $42 million in awards, grants and scholarships from colleges, universities, local institutions and non-profit groups. Three students from the Class of 2018 are attending an Ivy League school.



Are there scholarships available? 


Merit Scholarships are awarded to 9th Grade applicants each year. The scholarships are awarded on the basis of demonstrated academic performance and the results of the Pope John entrance/placement/scholarship exam. The number of scholarships and amount awarded varies based on the number of eligible applicants and the allotted budget for that year.

For further information about merit scholarships, please contact Mr. George Mihalik, Director of Enrollment Management, at georgemihalik@popejohn.org or 973-726–5420.



Is transportation available to Pope John?


Pope John XXIII Regional High School has maintained excellent relationships with the public school districts and transportation coordinators throughout Sussex County and surrounding areas and offers busing from many locations.


Transportation questions may be directed to Mr. Vincent Bello, 973-729-6125 ext. 3068 or you may email vincentbello@popejohn.org.



How many class periods are there in a school day and what time does school begin?


At Pope John, students follow a A-B Block Schedule. There are 4 80-minute periods in the day as well as lunch and a flex period. Each student completed 8 full-year academic courses. The school day begins at 7:55 a.m. and ends at 2:36 p.m. You can view our class period schedule here.



Do you have a lunch program for students? 

Yes, Pope John does have a lunch program.  Our lunch program is catered by Mascio's Food Services, Inc. which provides a wide-range of food options for our students and faculty throughout the school year. 



How do I sign up for the entrance exam? 

Please contact the Office of Admission at or call 973-729-6126 to register for an upcoming test-date.  The exam is administered once per month on our campus and all applicants for Grade 9 are required to sit for the exam.  There is an examination fee of $65.00 and we encourage students to bring two No. 2 pencils and a light snack. Calculators are not permitted.


Where do I buy uniforms?


Uniforms may be purchased from the FlynnO'Hara store. The store is located at 130 Baldwin Road, Parsippany, NJ. The phone number is 973-882-0833
You may visit their website at www.flynnohara.com



Do you allow students to shadow for a day?

Yes, in fact, Pope John requires that all students applying for admission must schedule a Lion For A Day shadow visit. During the visit, the admission team will interview both the parent and student at separate times. To set up a Lion For A Day, please CLICK HERE or contact Mrs. Anne Kaiser at 973-729-6126 or annekaiser@popejohn.org.


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