Literature enables us to share common human experiences, to identify and empathize or challenge others’ viewpoints, and to reason with a world that is not always rational. Critical reading, writing, and speaking require an effective knowledge of language. Understanding what others have said or written and expressing oneself powerfully and accurately are keys, not only to higher academic achievement, but also to personal fulfillment.

English Department Faculty:

Mr. Brendan Berls
Dr. Jeffrey Bond
Mrs. Joyce Cluess
Mrs. Jo-Ann Higgs
Mrs. Susan Occhicone
Mrs. Katherine Stehr
Mrs. Dorothy Thayer
Mrs. Catherine Valente
Mr. Brian Vohden
Ms. Joan Walter

ENG 8 Eighth Grade Literature

ENG 8H-L Honors Eighth Grade Literature

ENG 8-W Writing Skills

ENG 8H-W Writing Skills

ST SK-8 Eighth Grade Study Skills

ENG 101 English I

ENG 101-INT Language/Literature for ESL I

ENG 102 Honors English I

ENG 200 Writing Skills II

ENG 201 English II

ENG 201-INT Language/Literature for ESL II

ENG 202 Honors English II

ENG 300 Writing Skills III

ENG 301 English III

ENG 302 Honors English III

ENG 304 Creative Writing 
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ENG 400 Writing Skills IV

ENG 401 English IV

ENG 402 Honors English IV

ENG 410 Journalism

ENG 501-11 Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition

ENG 502-12 AP English Language and Composition