The mathematics department of Pope John XXIII High School has designed and instituted a flexible curriculum to meet the needs of a diverse student body. Each student advances according to his/her goals and demonstrated preparation. Emphasis is placed on the five general goals of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics so that students will value mathematics, grow confident in their ability to solve problems, and learn to communicate and reason mathematically.

MAT 800 Pre-Algebra (8th Grade)

MAT 801 Algebra 1/Accelerated (8th Grade)

MAT 802 Honors Algebra 1 (8th Grade)

MAT100 Algebra I

MAT 101 Algebra I/Accelerated

MAT 102 Honors Algebra I

MAT 200 Geometry

MAT 201 Geometry/Accelerated

MAT 202 Honors Geometry

MAT 300 Algebra II

MAT 301 Algebra II/Accelerated

MAT 302 Honors Algebra II

MAT 303 Pre-Calculus

MAT 304 Honors Pre-Calculus

MAT 401 Financial Algebra

MAT 402 Statistics

MAT 403 Calculus

MAT 501 Advanced Placement Statistics

MAT 502 Advanced Placement Calculus - AB

MAT 503 Advanced Placement Calculus - BC

MAT 504 Discrete Mathematics

MAT 601 Multivariate Calculus