The science department meets the most rigorous core content standards by developing critical thinking skills, promoting creativity, and helping students connect scientific phenomena to real world issues. Through “hands-on, minds-on” learning opportunities in all scientific disciplines, students master concepts using technology, laboratory activities, peer collaboration, and long-term projects.

SCI 8 Physical Science

SCI 8-H-1 Honors Physical Science

SCI 8-M Maker Class

SCI 201 Biology

SCI 202 Honors Biology

SCI 300 Conceptual Chemistry

SCI 301 Chemistry

SCI 302 Honors Chemistry

SCI 304 Environmental Science

SCI 306 Anatomy and Physiology

SCI 307 Forensic Science

SCI 308 Honors Robotics I

SCI 309 Honors Zoology

SCI 310 Principles of Engineering and Design Technology

SCI 311 Exercise Science

SCI 400 Conceptual Physics

SCI 401 Physics

SCI 402 Honors Physics

SCI 501 Advanced Placement Biology

SCI 502 Advanced Placement Chemistry

SCI 504 Advanced Placement Environmental Science

SCI 510 Advanced Placement Physics I

SCI 511 Advanced Placement Physics II

SCI 512 Advanced Placement Physics C, Mechanics and E&M