Social Studies

The social studies department familiarizes students with democratic institutions as well as competing or conflicting ideologies. Since modern citizens must be locally, nationally, and globally informed, students learn to analyze complex, often controversial issues and to recognize their potential influence on – and responsibility to – our global society. Our goal is to create an appreciation for diversity and a foundation for world peace.

SOC 8 Social Studies

SOC 8 Honors Social Studies

SOC 101 World Cultures

SOC 102 Honors World Cultures

SOC 103 World Cultures - The Big History Project

SOC 201 United States History I

SOC 202 Honors United States History I

SOC 204 American Studies I for International Students

SOC 205 American Studies II for International Students

SOC 301 United States History II

SOC 302 Honors United States History II

SOC 304 Historic Archiving and Preservation

SOC 307 Honors Introduction to Philosophy: The Quest for Truth

SOC 401 Global Issues in the 21st Century

SOC 402 Sociology and Psychology

SOC 403 United States Government

SOC 404 Mass Media and Society

SOC 405 History of Great Trials

SOC 407 Honors Political Philosophy: The Quest for Justice

SOC 408 International Conflicts, Crimes and Crises

SOC 500 Advanced Placement World History

SOC 501 Advanced Placement European History

SOC 502 Advanced Placement U.S. History

SOC 503 Advanced Placement U.S. Government

SOC 503-A Advanced Placement Comparative Government and Politics

SOC 506 Advanced Placement Psychology

SOC 507 Advanced Placement Human Geography