The Theology Department provides a developmentally appropriate, comprehensive, and systematic curriculum of Catholic beliefs to strengthen students’ personal relationships with God, deepen their knowledge of the Catholic faith, and integrate these beliefs and traditions into their lives. Topics include the purpose and meaning of faith in everyday life; the Sacred Scripture; covenant and salvation history; Church history; Catholic moral theology, particularly the Theology of the Body; an exploration of major world religions; and an understanding of life’s purpose through vocation and the maturation of students’ spirituality.

THE 8 Theology 8

THE 110 Theology I: The Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture / The Blessed Trinity

THE 210 Theology II: The Mission of Jesus Christ and its continuation in the Church

THE 311 Junior/Senior Theology I: Church History, Inter-religious Dialogue, Universal Christian Call to Holiness

THE 409 Revelation

THE 411 Junior/Senior Theology II: Sacraments, Morality, Social Justice
THE-INT Introduction to Christianity