World Languages

The World Languages program immerses the student in the language, history, literature, and culture of
foreign countries. Proficiency in the written and spoken language is stressed, as well as the inherent benefits
of bi/multilingualism to intercultural understanding. Additionally, the study of languages enhances students’
educational and career endeavors.

WLA 101 Spanish I

WLA 102 French I

WLA 103 German I

WLA 105 Italian I

WLA 104 Latin I

WLA 201 Spanish II

WLA 202 French II

WLA 203 German II

WLA 205 Italian II

WLA 204 Latin II

WLA 301 Honors Spanish III

WLA 302 Honors French III

WLA 303 Honors German III

WLA 305 Honors Italian III

WLA 304 Honors Latin Prose

WLA 307 Honors Ancient Greek

WLA 310 Japanese I

WLA 401 Honors Spanish IV

WLA 402 Honors French IV

WLA 403 Honors German IV

WLA 404 Honors Latin Poetry

WLA 405 Honors Italian IV

WLA 410 Honors Japanese II

WLA 501 Advanced Placement Spanish

WLA 502 Advanced Placement French

WLA 504 Advanced Placement Latin

WLA 505 Advanced Placement Italian Language and Culture