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Rules Governing Interscholastic Athletics

All students participating in athletic programs at Pope John XXIII High School must meet the requirements of the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association, which requires that all students successfully complete a specified number of credits each semester.

For sports that take place during the fall semester (August 25 to January 31), the student must have successfully completed 27.5 credits during the preceding academic year. For sports that take place during the spring semester (February 1 through June 30), the student must have successfully completed the equivalent of 13.75 credits during the fall semester of the current school year.

Players will be penalized for the following violations:
- Smoking or use of other tobacco products
- Unsportsmanlike conduct
- Drinking or possession of alcoholic beverages
- Use or possession of illegal drugs
- Unexcused absence from practice
- Truancy

All players must travel to competitions in their team uniforms or prescribed school uniforms and must use the transportation provided by the school.

Academic Standards for Athletic Eligibility

Any student who participates in any sport promoted or sanctioned by the school from fall through spring (see list in student handbook) must be in excellent academic standing. To participate in a sport, the student is permitted only one failure from the previous marking period. The administration also reserves the right to withdraw a student from a sport at any time during the season if the student fails to maintain the required academic standards as outlined by the school. Summer school courses will not suffice for courses failed during the school year.

If a student is placed on Academic Probation in the middle of a season, the administration may, at their discretion, permit the student to complete the season. Under no circumstances will a student on Academic Probation be permitted to start a new sport during the time of his/her probation.

Students failing one subject at the time of Progress Reports will be given a warning and a period of four weeks to reestablish a passing grade. Students participating in athletic activities who are failing two or more subjects at the time of Progress Reports will, at the discretion of the Administration, be withdrawn from the activity until such time as they reestablish a passing grade in all subjects.

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