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Throughout the year, students at Pope John are invited to seek the Lord by going on retreats hosted by Campus Ministry.  Retreats are an important way to foster the spiritual life of each student at Pope John, awaken an awareness of God’s love for them, and encourage them to more deeply commit to a life of discipleship.  Each individual class goes on a day-long retreat during the school year to strengthen their bond as a class and to enliven their appreciation for God’s goodness in their lives.  

In addition to class retreats, students are invited to participate in optional off-campus retreat experiences such as Mount 2000, the Diocese of Paterson’s annual Youth Conference, and Fall and Spring Search Retreat weekends offered for juniors and seniors.  Search is unique in that it is led by selected seniors who work tirelessly to provide a powerful, meaningful, and life-changing experience for those who feel the call to attend.